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The windows need to match the pillars, which need to match the roof and crown moulding. Now you can tie it all together in one place.

Exterior Mouldings can transform your home’s entire look. 

Build upon what you already have, or you can create a whole new look.

Exterior mouldings give your home curb appeal that’s sure to impress. 

Take a look at this before and after…

The work speaks for itself. Now what do you want to create with your mouldings?

Before & After

What Are Exterior Moldings?

Exterior Mouldings are foam covered in a thin layer of concrete, so you can have roman pillars, lion statues, and beautiful framed windows on your house without breaking the bank and without turning your house into a construction site for weeks on end. 

Increases Home Value

Cost Effective

Gives Your Home That Unforgettable Luxury Look

Quick And Clean Installation


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When you order with Foam Core we will go the extra mile, making sure everything is perfect and you’re well taken care of


Unlimited Customization

What ever you envision we can design… literally (we’ve even made a gigantic wine barrel for a winery)

Quality That Builders, & Film Makers Have Relied On For Over 30 Years

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Cost Effective Options

Our unique methods make for light weight strong mouldings that are cheaper to ship than precast concrete

Our Award Winning Method

Cutting The Shape

The first step of creating your foam moulding is using a computer controlled hot wire to cut out the 8’ foam shapes, wrapping them in mesh to strengthen them.

Concrete Coating

The next step is to apply the concrete. This isn’t your typical Home Depot quick mix, we use a patented mix of concrete and resin to create a spotless smooth finish over our foam mouldings.


The last step is packaging the mouldings so they can be shipped directly to your door ready to be installed for your convenience.

Watch the process we use to create foam mouldings!

This Is The End Of The Line

Beyond the 30 years of industry experience and community support we’re a company
that’s looking to help you achieve your design dreams.

Everything from lion statues and pillars straight out of the Pantheon
to custom mouldings for any occasion we have you covered.

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