The History Of Foamcore

Work With The Company Who Has Been Delivering Honest Quality Work For Over 30 Years

Our Beginning

The inspiration to open Foamcore started in 2009 when my Dad and I went down to California to look at foam moulding technologies, we knew right away that it was something we wanted to start back up in Canada.

We started making foam mouldings out of our garage before we eventually upgraded and moved to our first legitimate location.

The Turning Point

The turning point was 2017 when we moved out of the garage we moved into an 18,000 sqft warehouse with a team of 12 people looking to conquer the world. This is when we started doing polyurethane mouldings as well as foam mouldings opening up a whole new world of work.

Soon we were ready to move and expand again…

Foamcore Now

We moved again to the warehouse we’re in now. 55,000 sqft with a team of over 30 people. We’ve come a long way from my dad and myself making mouldings in my garage, but our goals are still the same.

Today we are just as dedicated to bringing the best quality product to everyone who is interested in foam mouldings, setting the bar for everyone else to follow suit.