Choose State-of-the-Art Stucco Mouldings From Niagara Falls

Why does Foamcore use stucco for trims, columns, cornices, sills, bands and all other architectural mouldings? Think: sustainable, cost-efficient, and long-lasting solutions for all your interior and exterior renovation projects.

Stucco is made from EPS, otherwise known as Expanded Polystyrene Foam which is a superior product for use on the exterior/interior of your project. This material is as good as it gets and no other material on the market compares.

Quality Durable Mouldings From Niagara Falls

Foamcore Mouldings will not rot as they are an inorganic product, which also means they won’t be affected by insects, UV damage and will not be subject to mold. Wood mouldings are assembled using small pieces. This makes it susceptible to not only cracking, but complete disintegration.

Low Maintenance & No Rotting... Just Add Paint.

Foamcore Mouldings require less maintenance, eliminating the need to repaint every few years and you'll almost never need a replacement. By comparison, wood needs to breathe in order to live and once you apply any sort of finish such as paint, it's lifespan is instantly diminished.

Once you paint our stucco mouldings they will never rot. The only time you will need to re-paint is when you would like to change the colour.

Durable Like Pre-Cast; A Fraction Of The Weight

Stucco Mouldings are a fraction of the weight, which create savings all across the board. This includes less costly production methods, transportation and most crucial, on-site labour. Being purely decorative, Stucco Mouldings do not require any bracing structure, making it much safer than pre-cast as well.

Lightweight Like PVC; Flexible Enough For Any Environment

Stucco Mouldings will not expand when it’s hot or contract when it’s cold. And since our coating is a cementitious layer, peeling and cracking will never be a worry. PVC is a plastic, great for door and window frames but not for architectural details. Stucco Mouldings will ensure an elegant appeal without the high cost.

Technology Benefits

  1. Long lasting acrylic architectural coating
  2. Durability with polymer added cement coating
  3. Prevent cracking with fiberglass mesh
  4. Easy-Cut and lightweight CNC foam shaping with expanded polystyrene core
Foamcore Architectural Moulding Technology in Niagara Falls

So why Foamcore Mouldings? Sustainable, cost-efficient, and lasting solutions for your project. We provide the best solution anywhere using the best alternative to PVC, wood or pre-cast mouldings.

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