Custom Mouldings to Build Props for Film & Movies in Niagara Falls

If you can draw it, we can cut it. Our in-house CNC Routing and hotwire cutting enable us to build out intricate custom designs which are perfect for movie/film sets and props.

State of the Art Equipment

Our props are all made in house with state of the art CNC Routing and CNC hotwire cutting.

In-House Sculptor for Intricate Designs

We also have an in house sculptor for your more intricate designs and projects that can't be done by traditional CNC.

Flexible & Built To Be Customized

Foamcore mouldings are lightweight and incredibly customizable. They can be coated in many different materials to ensure to get to the look you are trying to achieve.

Foamcore Ensures Your Props Are Durable & Built Withstand Your Crew

Let your crew worry about getting things built, not about breaking things.

Getting Started with Foamcore Movie Sets & Props

We offer from large scale to small scale, if you can draw it or have the idea of what you would like to do we are able to recreate it in house! Contact us with your next idea or movie prop idea.

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