Foam Tech Panels

What Are Foamtech Boards?

Similar to other foam mouldings, Foamtech boards are super dense particle foam, covered in our patented resin. Where Foamtech stands out is that instead of stone, these boards are made to look exactly like wood.

Take a look for yourself.

Available in a variety of colors, textures, and finishes the possibilities are endless. There is a Foamtech board to add to any house’s style. Adding an extra layer of foam will also help soundproof your home, so you can always get your beauty sleep.

Foamtech boards can be used in any non load bearing interior or exterior applications on walls or ceilings.

Foamtech Boards vs Traditional Wood

Wood is a luxury feature that adds to the exterior of any house, but with hefty price tag, constant maintenance, and a look that is sure to fade over time, it’s no wonder that not everyone has the patience for wood.

Foamtech boards give you the best of both worlds, not only will Foamtech boards outlive the rest of your house, but they won’t suck the life from your wallet either.

  • Cheaper than wood
  • More Durable than wood
  • Lighter than wood
  • More Eco-Friendly than wood
  • More Customizable than wood
  • Making your house the best looking house in the neighborhood

Not to mention Foamtech boards have a quick installation time, with virtually no mess.

The benefits go on and on and on. The real question is when do you want to have them installed?