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Are Ceiling Mouldings TRENDY in 2021?

The decorated ceilings were very popular in the 80-90’s. For the past 30 years we could only see them in very elegant houses due to the cost, and now, they are back in trend, with more designs that fit everyone’s taste and made with a variety of materials that does not have to break the bank!

They are back in Trend, and they are here to stay!

Crown Mouldings

The crown moldings gain power, and we are not the ones saying it! Interior designers around the world chose to do something more with transitions from the walls to the ceiling, even if it’s not the first thing that will grab your attention when walking in a room. Most magazines, starting at the beginning of 2020, opted to give an emphasis to the ceilings, and people are just loving it.

The beauty of Crown Mouldings is that you do not necessarily need to have a high ceiling to add them. A regular height room works just perfect since you can find hundreds of available sizes.

Talking about style now, you are covered there too! There are many styles available depending on your taste, nowadays you can find everything from the simplest one to the most decorative one!

Check our Crown Mouldings.


Ceiling Mouldings with Lights

Have you ever looked your ceiling light fixture and just think “I wish you would be part of the ceiling!” – I know you thought that at least once, don’t lie!

Here is the thing, you can get that good looking light fixture that is part of your ceiling. All you need is your preferred design for the foam mouldings and LED lights.

The dreadful part about mouldings with lights, is that you will need to have high ceilings in your house. Unfortunately, regular rooms will become smaller with this addition to the ceiling. Don’t get discouraged, you can always add a ceiling medallion, a different element or  colour.

Check our Ceiling Elements.

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